Mako Mermaid Tail Ring in Sterling Silver with CUSTOM ENGRAVING


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H2O Mermaid series Mako Mermaid as featured in the show.

Condition: Brand new
Material: .925 Sterling Silver
Gemstone: 6mm round or 8mm
Ring Size: Available in size 4 to 10

NEW ! inside ring engraving included (up to 12 letters/numbers)
>>you can have your initials, nickname, date of birth ... make it your own!

This is an handmade sterling silver ring featuring a wrap around mermaid tail with round gemstone in the front. A perfect addition to your H2O collection or great as a gift to a fan of the tv series. Be the first ine around to have it!!! Stamped 925 ~ Thick & solid sterling silver. Exclusively here directly from it's Designer Artist ! available in any size !


Gemstones available details:
-Mako Aqua Laser Glass: 6mm cabochon created upon order for us by a glass artist to match the mako, it is made of fused glass, very solid.
-Garnet: red Garnet 6mm genuine gemstone cabochon
-Turquoise Tiger-Eye: 6mm cabochon man-made of Laser Optic, very solid
-Amethyst: 6mm purple Amethyst cabochon, genuine gemstone
-Moonstone: 6mm white Moonstone, genuine gemstone
-Dark Turquoise Howlite: 6mm cabochon made of genuine Howlite gemstone dyed dark turquoise, Color wont fade out very solid.
-Color-changing moodstone: 6mm cabochon made of acrylic with a thin sheet of liquid crystal sealed underneath. Changes in temperature cause it to changes the color of the stone. Mood chart included.
-Chaceldony: 6mm aqua Chaceldony, genuine gemstone.
-Lapis Lazuli: 6mm dark Blue with sparkles of gold genuine gemstone.
-Labradorite: 6mm light grey genuine gemstone with glows of turquoise, purple and yellows.
-NEW 8mm mako aqua fused glass cabochon