Cameo & gemstones V Cuff bracelet (choice of cameo)

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~Cameo & gemstones V Cuff Bracelet~

Condition: Brand new
Material: .925 Sterling Silver
Cameo: 13X18mm
Finishes: Highly Polished finish
Fitting: Comfort fit Cuff
Stones: two 4mm round stones

This is an Handmade high quality sterling silver cuff bracelet with a cameo & 2 gemstones. Nice selection of cameos see bellow & gemstones. Very special & very comfortable! Stamped 925 Exclusively here directly from it's Designer Artist !

Available with the following stones:

Choice of cameos to set in this bracelet:

cameo codes descriptions:

E1=elegant lady cameo black
E2=elegant lady cameo purple
E3=elegant lady cameo blue
E4=elegant lady cameo violet
E5=elegant lady cameo peach
Y1=young lady cameo blue
Y2=young lady cameo pink
Y3=young lady cameo purple
Y4=young lady cameo navy
Y5=young lady cameo black
N1=lady with pearls black
N2=lady with pearls blue
N3=lady with pearls pink
L1=lady with large hat black
L2=lady with large hat pink
L3=lady with large hat blue
B1=butterfly cameo carnelian
M1=3 dancing ladies black
M2=3 dancing ladies carnelian
C1=pink coral carved roses cameo
F1=flowers cameo black
F2=flowers cameo pink
F3=flowers cameo blue
F4=flowers cameo navy
R1=rose cameo black
R2=rose cameo blue
R3=rose cameo violet
R4=rose cameo pink
R5=rose cameo carnelian
Z1=zodiac leo cameo black
Z2=zodiac aries cameo black
Z3=zodiac pisces cameo black
Z4=zodiac libra cameo black
Z5=zodiac virgo cameo black
Z6=zodiac gemini cameo black
Z7=zodiac cancer cameo black
Z8=zodiac taurus cameo black
Z9=zodiac capricorn cameo black
Z10=zodiac sagittarius cameo black
Z11=zodiac scorpio cameo black
Z12=zodiac aquarius cameo black