As a jewelry artist I stand behind my handmade quality products.

I will repair free of charge any jewelry purchased from us within the first 30 days after receipt.

If your piece is older & requires repair you can contact us for an estimate with picture if possible. Most repairs are done at a very low cost & with great care.

H2O Lockets customers REPAIRS Promotion:

I hope you enjoy your h2o jewelry & are happy with your purchase. We would really appreciate feedback on our website , to let others know about your experience with us.

Since the h2o collection is often purchased as a gift for young girls and teens we often have requests for repairs as they can be rough on it. Many customers may not come forward and have a broken locket & so we decided to make sure all past customers are happy again. This month only we are offering repairs on any piece of h2o jewelry whatever condition it is in. The repairs are only 25.00 USD plus shipping fees of 16.50. You will get your piece as new!

If your piece is not broken but you would like us to refresh it to its original condition & get it has new the cost is only 15.00 plus shipping 16.50 and we will include a polishing cloth so you can keep it clean.


How do I send it back??
Please package it well in a box so it doesn't get crushed in the mail!
Most shipping methods include an insurance of 100$ or less on your package but make sure you keep all proof of shipment in case it gets lost or damaged.
Do not use a courrier, only postal services such as USPS.
We will refuse any package coming by Purolator or UPS as they will charge us expensive import fees!

Our address is:

The silverart
Repairs department
299 Rte de la Montagne
NDDP, Quebec


Please insert a note mentionning the following:

Your full name & address

Your phone number & email address


You can add your payment in the enveloppe or we will email you a request for electronic payment (credit card online)

If you have any questions on this service please email us back at